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Hello There,

My name is Jess


I look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to my life long love affair with photography! Since I was 7 I had some kind of camera in my hand.  I love spending my time taking pictures of laid back fun couples in love. Full disclosure, I get so excited when taking pictures, I frequently break out in a tiny happy dance after looking at the back of the camera. My joy just gets me jumping, what can I say :) 


Getting to know me a little more..


THings that make

my life sweeter




Trips to Ireland

The Mountains

My Husband

My Cat



The Peaky Blinders



The Beach

The Blue 5



Relaxing Summer Days 

Cozy Winter Nights

Lord of the Rings




i love weddings that have...


Que the music... All you need is love

(ba da da da dumm) All you need is love, Love. Love is all you need!

Brides & Grooms who are more excited about the marriage than the wedding 

Excited bridesmaids & groomsmen

Awesome music

Interesting locations

Meaningful touches throughout the day

Ridiculously in love couples






a little background

In 2013, I opened my business.  Prior to that, I spent time taking courses and working with amazing wedding photographers in NYC for 3 years. I did all I could to learn everything about wedding photography. It was easy because I just fell in love with it all. Now here I am doing what I love, making it my own thing.